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Last Updated: June 20, 2017

Your privacy is important to TATTMAPP. For this reason we have developed a Privacy Policy which describes how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, process and store your data. Before entering the website and / or using any service, you must ensure that you have read, understood and agree to all policies, uses and conditions. If you have any questions, clarifications or comments regarding this policy you can write to

The Services are provided through TATTMAPP INK SA (hereinafter referred to as "TATTMAPP", whose registered office is located in Costa Rica, San José, Montes de Oca, Barrio Dent, five hundred meters west and seventy-five meters north of tacobell .

By using any Service, you (hereinafter, the User) accept in full and are bound to comply fully with our Privacy Policy, as well as with the Terms and Conditions of Use. These Privacy Policies will apply to all Brands, products and services of TATTMAPP that do not have independent privacy policies. These Privacy Policies are limited to TATTMAPP and its operations or services only. TATTMAPP does not control and can not control and / or guarantee the Third Party Privacy Policy, including suppliers and companies to which you may have access through our website or services.


Personal data are those that can be used to identify or contact a person.

The use of the service does not require that you provide personal information, unless it is necessary to provide a service or provide you with a product.

TATTMAPP may collect different types of information related to you depending on the services you use.

You may be asked for your personal information when you contact TATTMAPP or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates or processors. TATTMAPP and its companies may share personal data and use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy or for other purposes for which it has given its consent.

Likewise, TATTMAPP may combine them with other data to supply and improve our products, services, contents, and advertising. You do not need to provide us with personal data; However if you decide not to do so, there will be many occasions when we will not be able to offer you our services and / or products.

When you use our services, some data may be stored, such as information about the connection, the name of the mobile operator or internet service provider, browser type, language, time zone, cell number, The IP address, information of the websites and the applications they use, this data could be used regularly for statistical purposes, know the behavior of our users, improve our products, services and advertisements, maintaining the anonymity of each individual user who is Can identify as a person.

TATTMAPP will take appropriate measures to protect your personal information and ensure compliance with applicable regulations regarding data security.


Personal data is collected when you voluntarily give us, when registering, using our products, completing forms, sending emails, requesting a product or service, completing a survey, hiring, requesting information, formulating a query or any other similar means That you choose to give us this information.

You may provide information to TATTMAPP, which contains personal, academic, medical information and any other health information hereinafter identified as ("Personal Information"). Personal User Information may include, but is not limited to, first and last names, user name and password, date of birth, sex, type of tattoo or other tattoo service sought, preferred geographical area, telephone, email, address , Area of ​​focus, photography, titles, language of preference, marital status, profession, blood group, suffering, etc. You are not obligated to provide personal information, however, the lack of complete information may affect the functionality of the service and the possibility of being able to provide other services and / or products, in these cases, TATTMAPP may determine that a user's registration Can be completed and therefore we could not provide the service.

You guarantee that all personal information given to TATTMAPP by any means is real, complete, up-to-date and truthful and it is your responsibility to keep your information in the same way at all times.

The preservation and due security of the database and its contents are kept under the exclusive responsibility of TATTMAPP INK SA or at times will be stored in data processors or third party servers acting on our behalf and are responsible to us, the latter In jurisdictions with a high degree of regulation that adequately protects the privacy and security of the data. In this case, we will ensure that due protections are in place to require that the data processor in that country apply data protection measures that are equivalent to those applicable in the country in which you live.

Your personal data will not be transferred by us or by our agents for use by third parties in any way, unless we have obtained their consent or when required by law.


We use personal and non-personal information for the following purposes:

  • The operation, maintenance, management and administration of our services, including processing and payment records, and the availability of user care;

  • In response to questions and communications, which we maintain in the ordinary course of services;

  • Management announcements about the features, functionality, terms or other aspects of our services; As well as offers of services or products that we believe may be of interest to you.

  • Protection of our services, the information that safeguards the rights of third parties and in response to a legal process.

  • Any other purpose described in this Policy or your user agreement.

TATTMAPP uses non-personal information for the following purposes:

  • Revision, research, measurement and analysis in order to maintain, manage, improve and protect our services, including the analysis of trends and usage patterns and the measurement of the effectiveness of content, advertising, functions or services;

  • Creation of new features and services;

  • Delivery of automated content based on cookies, such as tailored ads or search results;

  • Health and tattoo research; Sanitation and public service activities; Health services - and related to the tattoo; Y

  • Other purposes described in this policy or contract.

  • We may also use non-personal information to make reports for current or future advertisers, sponsors or other partners to show trends about the general use of our services. Such reports may be age, gender, or User information in general geographical, demographic or otherwise, but will not include personal information.

Our services allow Users to share information in accordance with the following:

  • Directories: If you are a tattoo artist who has entered into a user agreement with TATTMAPP, your contact information and the directory may appear in one or more of our public and professional directories. These directories include profile information (for example, contacts, expertise and other data) and other features that allow users to locate and contact you. If you are looking to contact or schedule an appointment, the User will have your name, contact information, as well as other information, all of which you know and accept.

  • Communications: Our services may be used to facilitate communication between users, such as but not limited to:

    • Requesting an appointment with a tattoo artist;

    • Sending an appointment or other reminder;

In any communication, Users send information to the other. Depending on the message, this could include contact and other personal information.

  • Communities, blogs, forums: Our services include publicly displayed communities, blogs and other public forums that allow Users to communicate with User groups or the general public. All information placed in one of our communities will be available to a wide range of individuals, and should be presumed public. Users are strongly advised to exercise caution in selecting which information they share with our public forums or communities, and we recommend that you do not share any personal, medical or other sensitive information that may be directly or indirectly tracked to anyone, including yourself.

  • Surveys and ratings: Users are occasionally asked to answer surveys or classifications to help health care providers and others improve their operations or to help other users make informed decisions. The content of such surveys or ballots should be presumed public. As with public communities and forums, Users are strongly advised to exercise caution when selecting the information they share in a survey or similar, and we recommend not to share personal information that could directly or indirectly affect any individual, including yourself.

  • Records: Our services allow Users to store personal and health information. Our services allow Users to share all or parts of these records at their discretion.

Care must be taken in selecting the person (s) with whom you share your personal information. You acknowledge and agree that use of our services is at your own risk.TATTMAPP, is not responsible for the actions of other Users or persons with whom you share your information.


In some cases, administrative announcements are sent, which are product messages of transactions or services, such as requests for appointments, reminders and cancellations and other notifications of treatment or service, possibly in these cases, the User will not be able to stop receiving These messages due to their very nature.However, in most of our Services the User will have the option at any time to stop receiving some or all future messages or emails, simply by unsubscribing, updating their preferences or failing to communicate with us for their Due desinscription. In the event that you decide to unsubscribe or self-exclude, the request should be made to However, it is advised that if the User makes this request TATTMAPP would be unable to provide the services and their account or service could be canceled.

We may use your personal information to send you important notifications, such as communications about acquisitions and changes to our terms and policies. You can not opt ​​out of receiving these communications, as they contain important information for your relationship with TATTMAPP. However after receipt of the same you can choose to continue or end any relationship you maintain with us.

We may also use your personal data for internal purposes, including audits, data analysis and research, to improve products, services and communications to TATTMAPP users. However, such use will be dissociated.

Likewise, the data we collect will be used to supply the products or services requested or for other purposes for which you have given your authorization, unless otherwise provided by law.


TATTMAPP also performs the collection of data in a way that, in itself, does not allow them to be directly associated with a particular person. We may collect, process and disclose non-personal data for any purpose. Here are some examples of non-personal data categories that TATTMAPP can collect and the purposes for which we can carry out your treatment:

We may collect data such as profession, language, zip code, area code, referrer URL or the location and time zone in which a TATTMAPP product or service is used, number of queries, types of conditions, Conduct of our Users and improve our products, services and advertisements.

We may also collect data about the activities of Users on our website, through the services offered by TATTMAPP and other products and services. We consolidate and use this data to provide more useful information to our Users and to understand what aspects of our products and services are of greater interest.

TATTMAPP may use non-personal information for its own research and statistics, and may share or sell this information to third parties or use it for marketing or commercial prospecting purposes, you agree that we may provide non-personally identifiable information about health and / or any other Information to any medical group, independent practice association of physicians, health plan or other organization with which TATTMAPPl maintains some type of relationship, as long as this information is dissociated and does not identify any User.

The consolidated data are considered non-personal data for the purposes of this Privacy Policy.

If we combine non-personal data with personal data, the combined data will be treated as personal data as long as they remain combined.


Depending on the services you use, TATTMAPP may collect billing information, including your debit or credit card information, or other forms of payment hereafter referred to as "Payment Card Information."

By submitting your payment card information, you expressly authorize the disclosure of this information with third party payment processors, who may store your payment card information for future use of our services.

However, TATTMAPP will not store your payment card information. The third party services we use are contractually obligated to keep your payment card information secure and confidential.


TATTMAPP web pages, online services, interactive applications, e-mail messages and commercials may use cookies and other technologies. These technologies help us better understand the behavior of Users, tell us which parts of our services have visited and facilitate and measure the effectiveness of advertisements and Internet searches. We will treat the data collected through cookies and other technologies as non-personal data. However, to the extent that local law considers IP addresses and other similar identifiers as personal data, we will also treat these identifiers as personal data. Likewise, when we combine non-personal data with personal data, we will treat the combined data as personal data for the purposes of this Privacy Policy.

With the sole use of any TATTMAPP service, you are accepting our cookies and their use. If you want to deactivate the cookies in the browser consult with your provider how to disable cookies. Please note that some TATTMAPP services will cease to be available if you disable cookies.

In some of our emails we use a "click-through URL" linked to some of the TATTMAPP services. When users click on any of these URLs, they pass through a separate web server before reaching the landing page within our website. We track clicks on these URLs to determine interests on specific topics and evaluate the effectiveness of our communications. If you prefer not to do this tracking, do not click on the textual or graphic links included in the emails.


TATTMAPP has established security protocols that establish physical and electronic protection measures to safeguard all personal information, and protect your data from tampering, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. All data provided to TATTMAPP will be encrypted in transit to prevent its misuse by third parties, and these protocols will be periodically reviewed for effectiveness.

Although TATTMAPP can not guarantee that personal information will never be stolen by third parties, we adhere to high security standards to protect personal information from unauthorized disclosure.


We may occasionally provide certain personal data to strategic partners who work with us or to companies engaged in, among other activities, providing data processing services, answering Users' requests, offering our products and / or services, managing and improving data Of users, provide customer service, marketing, analyze their interest in our products and services and conduct surveys, among others. These partners or companies will be required the same or higher security standards, and will perform their services in the name and on behalf of TATTMAPP, the latter being responsible for the handling of the information.


We may be required to disclose your personal information by law, in the context of a judicial proceeding or at the request of a public or governmental authority, both inside and outside your country of residence. We may also disclose information about you if we believe that such disclosure is necessary or advisable for national security reasons, to comply with current legislation or for other important public policy reasons.

We may also disclose information about you if we determine that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to ensure compliance with our terms and conditions or to protect our operations or our users. In these cases, TATTMAPP will make reasonable efforts to contact you before fulfilling the request. In no event shall TATTMAPP be liable for the consequences of good faith compliance with a written request from a judicial or governmental body. In the event that you initiate legal action against this legal requirement, you will assume all legal costs incurred by TATTMAPP in this process.

In addition, in case of reorganization, merger or sale we may transfer to the corresponding third party all personal data we have collected.


The information that TATTMAPP has been granted by you, so it is your responsibility to ensure that your personal data are correct, complete and kept up to date. We will keep your personal data for the period of time necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or services requested, unless required by law or allowed to be kept for a longer period of time.

With regard to other personal data that we retain, we will offer you access to them for any purpose, including requests for rectification in case they are incorrect or for deletion if they are not required to keep them by law or by Legitimate business reasons. We reserve the right not to process requests that are inappropriate or vexatious, that put the privacy of third parties at risk, that are not feasible or for which the local legislation does not require right of access. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data at any time. Requests for access, rectification, or deletion may be sent to our email address


TATTMAPP has the policy of protecting the privacy of minors. TATTMAPP's general services and practices are not intended or designed to attract children under the age of 13.TATTMAPP does not solicit and / or knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. However, some people under the age of 13 or younger in general may need the services of TATTMAPP. In these particular cases, all information collected will be consented to by the parents or legal guardian of the minor.

In the event that we are aware that the personal data collected correspond to a minor of 13 years, or to a User with the minimum age equivalent according to the jurisdiction, without having first received the verified consent of the parents, we will take the appropriate measures To eliminate such data as soon as possible.

Their parents have the right to request, display or request any information that the minor has provided and to request that it be deleted.


In some cases TATTMAPP may, at the request of the User that owns the personal information, receive, make available to others on our website or publish personal information in Public Areas of our services (such as blogs, qualifications, tattoo artist profiles , Contact numbers, cost of consultation, agenda, etc.). By using the TATTMAPP platform and any of our services, such as but not limited to: using the user's file, electronic agenda, requesting appointments with tattoo artists, publishing your professional profile, using the appointment schedule, awarding qualifications, The platform, among others, the user authorizes TATTMAPP so that Users visualize their Personal Information according to their request and can access it from the platform of TATTMAPP. In no case will TATTMAPP sell or share your Personal Information with third parties, unless prior authorization or instruction.

If a User decides to publish any comments, information, photographs, video images, reviews, and / or any other matter in the common areas (Public Area), the User assumes all responsibility arising from this fact. TATTMAPP will have the right, but not the obligation, to reject proposals or require that the communication be modified or modified internally, as a condition of publication to the service that grants. No action or inaction on the part of TATTMAPP will cause TATTMAPP to assume any responsibility for the content published by a User.

In addition, the User provides a non-exclusive, royalty-free license worldwide for TATTMAPP and any of its subsidiaries to use such Public Information within TATTMAPP's websites, services and / or promotional materials. No Public Information of the User may contain material that: is a violation of local, national and / or international law;Threatening, harassing, defamatory, offensive, obscene, or invading the privacy of others; Request or advertise business; Promotes political causes; Posing as other people or using a false profile; Or other information that in the discretion of TATTMAPP may violate any right.


TATTMAPP does not provide advice on Tattoos, and stores the minimum information about its Users, so it will be your responsibility to tell the tattoo artist any other personal information. In the case of user files, agenda and communications between user and tattoo artist, TATTMAPP reminds you that you have no knowledge or information that you give a tattooist as a service or treatment requirement. In addition, TATTMAPP does not investigate, verify, audit, or in any way has knowledge of the processes and procedures employed by TATTMAPP affiliated tattoo artists regarding the handling and security of the information. By reason of the foregoing, you release TATTMAPP from any violation of the law or privacy policies made by the tattoo artist and his or her employees as consideration for a service you have provided to you, as TATTMAPP can not control the information you do not You have been given or your business relationships with an independent service provider to TATTMAPP.

When reading our policy, please remember that it applies to all brands, products and services of TATTMAPP that do not have an independent privacy policy. This Privacy Policy is limited to TATTMAPP and its operations only. TATTMAPP does not control and can not control and / or guarantee the Third Party Privacy Policy, including suppliers and companies that you may have access to through our website or services. The precaution must be taken by the Users to provide any personal information, especially when the User has left our website or services, so we ask you to be extremely careful.


If you have questions or concerns about data processing or the TATTMAPP Privacy Policy, or if you want to convey a complaint about a possible breach of local privacy laws, please contact us. You can contact us at any time by emailing

TATTMAPP reminds you that you can update your Privacy Policy at any time. Each time we change the policy significantly, we will post a notice on our website along with the updated version of the Privacy Policy.